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Yosemite Falls

A "detour" to the top of Upper Yosemite Falls on route to NSDI 2006.

In the Air

[Eastern Sierras]
Eastern Sierras: View of Mono Lake and the Eastern Sierras from South West 913 on route to Oakland, CA.

Yosemite Falls

[Morning Shots]
[Morning Shots (1)][Morning Shots (2)][Morning Shots (3)]
Morning Shots: Late morning.
[Portraits (1)][Portraits (2)]
Portraits: Me, (1) my dad, (2) and a marmot.
[The Top]
[The Top (1)]
The Top: View of the valley below. (1) More standard Yosemite sites.
[Afternoon Shots]
[Afternoon Shots (1)][Afternoon Shots (2)]
Afternoon Shots: A little bigger with the snow melted during the day. And a rainbow.

Last modified: Nov 26, 2011