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Day 7: Clouds Rest

August 22, 2005. We stopped in Yosemite to do one more hike before driving back to the Bay Area. With not much to see on the trail, we efficiently hiked to Cloud's Rest from Tenaya Lake (about 7 miles and 2000 ft. to 9928 ft.). I suppose since part of the Half Dome trail was closed during the day, we didn't really encounter any other hikers until it reached noon and had the summit to ourselves for over an hour (though at that point, everyone started arriving to have lunch).

The Trail

[Morning Reflections]
[Morning Reflections (1)][Morning Reflections (2)][Morning Reflections (3)]
Morning Reflections: A small pond beside the trail. (1) Some more of the surroundings. (2) Water striders hop around. (3) Close up.
[View from the Trail]
View from the Trail: Panorama of the view to the north. Mt. Hoffman is the peak furthest to the left, which is one summit we hiked to last year. If you zoom in, you can see the weather station antenna.
[Wildlife (1)][Wildlife (2)][Wildlife (3)][Wildlife (4)][Wildlife (5)]
Wildlife: Finally we were at altitude where animals live. A fat marmot. (1) Two fawn and their mother. (2) Some grouse pecking at the ground. (3) A fence lizard near the summit. (4) A common crow. (5) And, of course, chipmunks. I dubbed this one Cloud (more on him later).
[A Big Bowl]
A Big Bowl: Huge granite slope just before the summit.

The Summit

[The foot trail]
The foot trail: There's actually another way around the back (for those afraid of heights).
[Views from the Summit]
[Views from the Summit (1)]
Views from the Summit: Panorama including half dome and the valley. (1) Panorama looking back the way we came. The view is actually a great 360, but I was too lazy to spin around all the way with my camera that day.
[Cloud, the Chipmunk]
[Cloud, the Chipmunk (1)][Cloud, the Chipmunk (2)][Cloud, the Chipmunk (3)][Cloud, the Chipmunk (4)]
Cloud, the Chipmunk: Apparently, the chipmunks on the summit know that lunch time is when to come out to eat scraps left from hikers. This guy was even sniffing at my camera to see if it was edible. (1) Cloud resting on Clouds Rest. (2) Cloud nibbling on our scraps. (3) Cloud enjoying the view. (4) Cloud getting into a picture with me.

Heading Back

[The Foot Trail]
The Foot Trail: Somehow, it isn't as narrow on the way down.
[Back Where We Started]
Back Where We Started: And we finished our trip at the same place we had lunch 6 days prior. After a quick dip in the lake, we went home.

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