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Day 6: Hot Creek and Mono Lake

August 21, 2005. We took another break today driving back up to Lee Vining for the trip home the next day. We stopped by the Hot Creek near Mammoth for a dip and then took some photos at Mono Lake.

Hot Creek

[Hot Creek]
[Hot Creek (1)][Hot Creek (2)][Hot Creek (3)][Hot Creek (4)]
Hot Creek: Overview of the swimming area. (1) Looks hot. (2) Some fish. (3) Lots of them. (4) Looking for some to eat.

Mono Lake

[Salt Spires (Tufa)]
[Salt Spires (Tufa) (1)][Salt Spires (Tufa) (2)][Salt Spires (Tufa) (3)][Salt Spires (Tufa) (4)]
Salt Spires (Tufa): Panorama of the Lake. (1) Tufa in the water. (2) Tufa on the beach. (3) Picking at some tufa. (4) A Tufa bear?
[Flies (1)][Flies (2)][Flies (3)]
Flies: These buggers are everywhere. (1) Thousands of them! (2) In the air and the water. (3) And food for the sea gulls.
Clouds: Near sunset at Mono Lake.

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