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Day 4: Little Lakes Valley

August 20, 2005. On our way down to Bishop, our second base camp of the trip, we stopped to do a short like to the Gem Lakes and the Morgan Pass in the Little Lake Valley (about 3.5 miles and 1000 ft. to 11,000 ft., one way). This easy hike was pretty well trafficked in the afternoon, though most of the views were pretty much the same: small lakes against the Sierra crest.

Rock Creek Trail

[Some Scenary]
[Some Scenary (1)][Some Scenary (2)][Some Scenary (3)][Some Scenary (4)][Some Scenary (5)]
Some Scenary: We had lunch by Box Lake. Mt. Morgan is behind it. (1) Indian Paintbrush along the trail. (2) Fork between the Morgan Pass and Gem Lakes. (3) More mushrooms! (4) Someone took a bite out of this one. (5) There wasn't any wildlife to take pictures of, ok? :)

Morgan Pass

[View from the Pass]
[View from the Pass (1)][View from the Pass (2)]
View from the Pass: Looking back. (1) Upper Morgan Lake on the other side. (2) My dad and a large boulder.

Gem Lakes

[Gem Lakes]
[Gem Lakes (1)][Gem Lakes (2)][Gem Lakes (3)]
Gem Lakes: Approaching the largest of the Gem Lakes. (1) A deep green from this angle. (2) Outflow into Rock Creek. (3) One final view.

Hiking Back

[Good Lighting]
Good Lighting: My favorite picture of the entire trip. The local cloud cover allowed the sun to warm the valley in the distance while keeping it off the Indian Paintbrush in the foreground. Mt. Morgan is on the left while Pyramid Peak, Bear Creek Spire, Pip-squeak Spire, and Mt. Dade round out the peaks from center to right.

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