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Day 3: Obsidian Dome and Panum Crater

August 19, 2005. Today we took a break. After a lot of sleep we took a peek at Obsidian Dome (just off 395) and Panum Crater (by Mono Lake).

Obsidian Dome

[Obsidian Dome]
[Obsidian Dome (1)][Obsidian Dome (2)]
Obsidian Dome: Afternoon at the dome. (1) Detailed Profile of the obsidian at the top of the heap. (2) That's me.

Panum Crater

[Panum Crater]
Panum Crater: Late afternoon at the crater. Not as interesting as when seen from an aerial view. Though we did get attacked by a swarm of fire ants.

Genny and my mom went home in the evening so my dad and I completed the rest of the trip ourselves.

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