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Stuart Lake

June 23, 2007. First day of a two day camping trip at Icicle Creek with Sergiu, Roycie, and Rabin. Just a leisurely afternoon hike and a short scramble for some better views. Good trout in the lake too, but we forgot the fishing gear. :( Also too bad that our later trip to the Enchantments fell through --- this is a pretty nice area (though somewhat crowded). (9 miles round trip, 1700 ft. gain + ~300 ft. scramble)

The Lake

[Panoramas (1)]
Panoramas: Stuart Range. (1) And Stuart Lake.
[Lounging Around]
[Lounging Around (1)][Lounging Around (2)][Lounging Around (3)]
Lounging Around: Roycie and Rabin. (1) The sky. (2) Eyeing our food. (3) Stolen our food.
[Short Scramble]
[Short Scramble (1)][Short Scramble (2)][Short Scramble (3)][Short Scramble (4)]
Short Scramble: Taking advantage of some good bolders on the slope south of the lake to get some better views. (1) Rabin the mountaineer. (2) Stuart and Roycie. (3) Me, I guess. (4) Rabin triumphs.
View: View from the south slope: Asgaard Pass, Colchuck, and the Stuart Range.

Heading Back

[Mountaineer Creek]
Mountaineer Creek: Hey, get out of my picture!

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