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San Juan Islands

August 26, 2007. Damon and I went to Mount Baker and had barely 5 feet of visibility at the parking lot, so we gave up on that hike. On lark, we decided to go to the San Juan islands while we were up there. And we get rained on during the ferry trip. Then, at the very end of the day, the weather started clearing and that's when all these pictures were taken. The awesome sunset pics almost make the entire miserable day worth it.

On the Island

[English Camp]
[English Camp (1)][English Camp (2)][English Camp (3)][English Camp (4)]
English Camp: The day was so warped we ended up in the 19th century. :) (1) Flowers at the Camp. (2) And a lake. (3) Llamas along the road. (4) Alpacas too. What the heck? :)

On the Ferry

[Clearing Up]
[Clearing Up (1)][Clearing Up (2)][Clearing Up (3)]
Clearing Up: Just in time for some great lighting to peer through. Still lots of boats and ferries at this hour.
[The Islands]
[The Islands (1)][The Islands (2)][The Islands (3)][The Islands (4)]
The Islands: Under fog and a velvet sky. And beautiful blue, blue water.
[Sunset (1)][Sunset (2)][Sunset (3)][Sunset (4)]
Sunset: Pick one. Any one.

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