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Sahale Arm

July 13, 2008. Since my last trip to the Sahale Arm two years ago, I have yet to encounter another trail in Washington with as many persistently increadable views. In some ways, I lucked out during that trip because the Arm's wild flowers had just peaked. This time around, flowers had barely started to bloom, but the views of the Cascades were just as great. See my previous trip report for more pictures of the peaks and flowers. This time I focused mainly on getting photos of the Arm itself. This trip was with Damon, who took a nap at one of the campsites by the glacier. They were all vacant, but we ran into some climbers returning from Buckner and some more heading to Boston. (11 miles round trip, 4000 ft. gain)

Going Up

[To the Cascade Pass]
[To the Cascade Pass (1)]
To the Cascade Pass: Flowers and Eldorado from the exact same spot that I took this picture two years ago (this time with better lighting). (1) Shot of Mixup, Triplets, and Johannesburg from the trail. The trail's billion switchbacks are just as annoying as I remember.
[To the Glacier Camp]
[To the Glacier Camp (1)][To the Glacier Camp (2)][To the Glacier Camp (3)]
To the Glacier Camp: Damon hiking up the talus just below the camp with Doubtful Lake below. (1) Obligatory panorama from the camp. (2) Doubtful Lake from the camp. (3) Doubtful Lake from the Arm.
[Glacier Camp]
[Glacier Camp (1)][Glacier Camp (2)][Glacier Camp (3)][Glacier Camp (4)]
Glacier Camp: The way that the sites are on top of mounds make them look like forts. It might be fun to bring a frisbee or football to toss between campers (though, knowing my poor aim, it would probably wouldn't last more than a few tosses :). (1) Damon taking a nap on a floating island. (2) Rocks and the ridge. (3) Sahale in back. (4) Photo-op.

Going Down

[Heading Down the Arm: Part I]
[Heading Down the Arm: Part I (1)][Heading Down the Arm: Part I (2)][Heading Down the Arm: Part I (3)]
Heading Down the Arm: Part I: Damon heading east. (1) Damon heading west. (2) Damon heading south. (3) Hidden Lake Peaks, Triad, and Eldorado.
[Heading Down the Arm: Part II]
[Heading Down the Arm: Part II (1)][Heading Down the Arm: Part II (2)][Heading Down the Arm: Part II (3)]
Heading Down the Arm: Part II: Damon surveying the trail. (1) Lazy marmot. (2) Marmot and Johannesburg. (3) Hiking back to the Cascade Pass. There were a few bags full of dirt, rocks, and brush left by trail workers. Trail was in great shape (Thanks :).
[Return to the Cascade Pass Trail]
Return to the Cascade Pass Trail: The last bit of open hiking before descending to the dreaded switchbacks.

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