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Sabrina Basin and Mount Wallace

August 29-31, 2007. A relaxing backpack with my Dad. We arrived in Bishop the evening before we set out and easily got a permit. The first day we hiked from Lake Sabrina into Sailor Lake (~11,000 ft.), made camp, and then lounged around waiting out a couple light thunderstorms that lasted most of the afternoon. On a clear day, the scenery along the trail to the Sabrina Basin is excellent. The second day we scrambled to Mount Wallace (13,371 ft.). There are many other side trips to do around the basin: Mount Haeckel, which could be done with Wallace if you hurry a bit, Mount Powell, tons of other lakes, and the Evolution Basin on the other side of the peaks. One could easily spend weeks here just exploring. The third day, we hiked back in the rain. After an entire summer of poor weather in Washington I thought the rain would irritate me, but the elevation of the clouds left most of the (gorgeous) scenery visible, so it was actually very relaxing even when it was pouring (of course, I was completely covered in waterproof gear; being wet is miserable). (20+ miles round trip, 4243+ ft. gain)

Day 1: Lake Sabrina to Sailor Lake

[Lake Sabrina]
[Lake Sabrina (1)][Lake Sabrina (2)][Lake Sabrina (3)]
Lake Sabrina: Brilliant morning colors above Lake Sabrina. The Eastern Sierra is awesome. (1) Panorama. (2) Some iron soaked peaks. (3) They're really red.
[Blue Lake]
[Blue Lake (1)][Blue Lake (2)]
Blue Lake: Most people stop here and camp. Seeing this gorgeous sight, who can blame them? But there's even more ahead. (1) Anglers. (2) Unnamed granite peak visible from the lake.
[Rocks (1)][Rocks (2)][Rocks (3)][Rocks (4)]
Rocks: The view from the trail. (1) Another. (2) Picture Peak. (3) Mount Haeckel. (4) Unnamed crags above Midnight Lake.
[Lakes (1)][Lakes (2)]
Lakes: Dingleberry Lake. (1) Topsy Turvy Lake. (2) Topsy Turvy zoomed in.
[Approach (1)]
Approach: Passing a waterfall, Mount Powell. (1) 360 from a small granite bump near Topsy Turvy.
[Camp (1)][Camp (2)]
Camp: Powell on the left, Picture Peak, Mount Haeckel, and Sailor Lake on the right. Thunderstorm approaching.
[Rain (1)]
Rain: Just a light drizzle. (1) The clouds and the rocks.
[Sun Setting]
[Sun Setting (1)][Sun Setting (2)]
Sun Setting: Special effects lighting on cliffs above the Powell Glacier. (1) Special effects lighting panorama. (2) Golden sky.
[Sun Set]
[Sun Set (1)][Sun Set (2)]
Sun Set: A perfect sunset glow.

Day 2: Mount Wallace

Sunrise: Picture Peak and Sailor Lake.
[Cross Country]
[Cross Country (1)][Cross Country (2)]
Cross Country: Panorama looking back at the lakes in the basin: Hungry Packer, Sailor Lake, Topsy Turvy, and Moonlight. We approached via the granite bump around Picture Peak. (1) Picture Peak and Hungry Packer Lake. (2) Mount Powell and Clyde Spires above Echo Lake.
Ascent: There it is. Mount Wallace towering above a small tarn. We went up the North East face, on the right side of this picture.
[Summit (1)][Summit (2)]
Summit: The Evolution Basin on the other side. (1) Panorama looking back. Picture Peak and its ridge block the view of the Sabrina Basin. (2) Looking back at Echo Lake and Mount Powell.
[Details (1)][Details (2)][Details (3)][Details (4)][Details (5)][Details (6)]
Details: The register and the Evolution Basin. (1) Mount Fiske. (2) Mount Goddard. (3) Mount McGee. (4) All the way to Sapphire Lake in the Evolution Basin. (5) Me. (6) My dad.
Descent: We descended via the slope East of the saddle to the South. Here's how Wallace looks from the saddle. That turned out to be a pretty bad idea since the slope was completely rotten making it impossible to get a foot hold yet was not quite sandy so we couldn't just slide down.
[Heading Back]
[Heading Back (1)]
Heading Back: We went back via the Echo Lake drainage. In retrospect our approach route was better than this standard one (slabs vs. boulders). Already close to dusk as we approach Moonlight Lake.

Day 3: The Hike Back

[Stormy Day]
[Stormy Day (1)][Stormy Day (2)][Stormy Day (3)][Stormy Day (4)]
Stormy Day: The only break we got to pack up our stuff. (1) Rain. (2) Paintbrush and Picture Peak. (3) Paintbrush. (4) Paintbrush.
[Back (1)][Back (2)][Back (3)][Back (4)]
Back: Lake Sabrina on a cloudy day. (1) Aspen around the lake. (2) In the wind. (3) Lupine too. (4) Dripping wet.

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