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Point Reyes

Hike to Alamere Falls on a cloudy winter day in Point Reyes.

Palomarin Trail

[Clouds and Fog]
[Clouds and Fog (1)][Clouds and Fog (2)][Clouds and Fog (3)]
Clouds and Fog: Waves after a big storm. (1) Fog. (2) Clearing up. (3) The beach.
[Some Close Ups]
[Some Close Ups (1)][Some Close Ups (2)]
Some Close Ups: A banana slug. (1) A salamander. (2) A mushroom.
[Over the Beach]
Over the Beach: Panorama from the top of Alamere Falls.
[Alamere Falls]
[Alamere Falls (1)][Alamere Falls (2)][Alamere Falls (3)][Alamere Falls (4)]
Alamere Falls: Some shots of Alamere Falls.

Last modified: Nov 26, 2011