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Paradise, Mount Rainier

July 7, 2007. First day of a two day trip to Rainier (can't spend a summer in Washington without at least one visit :). Finding a car to rent at the last minute turned out to take most of the day, so I didn't get to Paradise until 5 PM. Nonetheless, the timing did make for some great lighting, so I quickly went up to Alta Vista and Panorama Point and made a short stop at Narada Falls before packing it in to see sunrise at Sunrise the next day. (5 miles, 1700 ft. gain to Panorama Point, just a walk to Narada Falls)

Skyline Trail

[Rainier (1)]
Rainier: Great side lighting. The lower 4000 ft. looks ski-able/boardable, no? (1) Another panorama with great colors. Adams, Hood, and St. Helens are visible.
[Three Volcanoes]
[Three Volcanoes (1)][Three Volcanoes (2)][Three Volcanoes (3)][Three Volcanoes (4)][Three Volcanoes (5)]
Three Volcanoes: And the Tatoosh Range. (1) Adams. (2) Adams. (3) Hood. (4) St. Helens. (5) St. Helens.
[Panorama Point]
[Panorama Point (1)][Panorama Point (2)]
Panorama Point: No tourists at this hour. (1) Adams. (2) St. Helens.
[Misc. (1)][Misc. (2)]
Misc.: A little past Panorama Point. (1) Marmot on the trail. (2) Fork to Pebble Creek.

Narada Falls

[Falls (1)][Falls (2)]
Falls: Shot 1. (1) Shot 2. (2) Shot 3.

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