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Mount Si

June 28, 2008. Mount Si (4167 ft.) is not a peak I normally would have chosen to do on my birthday, but we had other plans later in the day. Damon and I started up around 9:30AM, got to the top of the Haystack (summit rock) before noon, ate a leisurely lunch, and returned around 2. Despite the crowd and lack of any views on the trail, it is a pleasant workout and the Haystack is a fun class 3 scramble. The view of North Bend from the top isn't bad either. (8 miles round trip, 3500 ft. gain)

Haystack Summit

[Panoramas (1)]
Panoramas: There wasn't much to see before the summit besides other people. You can get a partial view of the Puget Sound without climbing the Haystack, but the area is crowded and doesn't give you the 360 of a "real" summit. Me on a rock that is actually lower than the summit. (1) 360 from the summit.
[Various Views]
[Various Views (1)][Various Views (2)][Various Views (3)]
Various Views: I love this telezoom photo of Seattle with the Olympics towering over it. It wasn't actually this clear from the summit though (I boosted the contrast substantially). (1) Rainier. (2) I-90. (3) The western edge of the Cascades.
Downclimbing: Damon getting off the top part of the Haystack. It isn't as steep as it looks in this picture, but you still probably want to know what you are doing.

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