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Mount Dickerman

July 4, 2007. Hike with Sergiu and Roycie on a blue bird (and hot) independence day. The guide book I had indicated there was only road side parking, but there is actually a fairly big lot. The "summer" trail was still snow covered and we missed it on the way up (apparently missing a gigantic cairn pointing to the right way which we found on the way back). Nonetheless, we didn't have to kick too many steps to get back on track. :) The conditions didn't appear deter anyone though: we met a girl not 10 years old (way ahead of her parents) and a Seattlite in flip flops (who needs boots, let alone crampons?). Without any clouds in the sky, the entire state was pretty much visible from the summit (Glacier Peak, Mount Baker, and Shuksan to the north, all the way to Rainer to the south, and west to the Puget Sound). However, since everything is so distant, it all appears pretty hazy and the view wasn't as great as I thought it would be. (8.6 miles round trip, 3723 ft. gain)

The Trail

[Big Four]
[Big Four (1)][Big Four (2)]
Big Four: Sergiu and Roycie. (1) The wrong way. (2) Emerging from the wrong way to the right way.

The Summit

[Food (1)][Food (2)]
Food: View to the north. (1) A 360 panorama. (2) A 270 panorama.
[Rest (1)][Rest (2)][Rest (3)]
Rest: Looking toward the Puget Sound. (1) Glacier Peak. (2) Mount Baker. (3) Waterfall in the distance.
[Flowers (1)][Flowers (2)][Flowers (3)]
Flowers: Phlox on the summit. (1) Indian paintbrush, I think. (2) Phlox and some rubbery things. (3) Phlox, paintbrush and Glacier Peak.
[Portraits (1)][Portraits (2)][Portraits (3)]
Portraits: Us with Glacier Peak. (1) Sergiu and Glacier Peak. (2) Sergiu on a rock. (3) Sergiu and toward the Sound.

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