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Mary's Pass

August 26, 2006. Short break to stretch our legs on the way back to the Bay Area via the Sonora Pass. Not much to see looking at the northern barrier to Yosemite, but there were a lot of flowers still in bloom.

Rough Peaks and Flowers

[Just Over that Range...]
[Just Over that Range... (1)][Just Over that Range... (2)]
Just Over that Range...: The best of the Sierras, just over that range of peaks, including, I think, Night Cap Peak and Leavitt Peak. (1) Another panorama with the flowers in this meadow. (2) A stone arch to the north east.
[Some Wildflowers]
[Some Wildflowers (1)][Some Wildflowers (2)][Some Wildflowers (3)][Some Wildflowers (4)][Some Wildflowers (5)]
Some Wildflowers: Not bad for a Sierra meadow. Almost as pretty as the ones in the Washington Cascades.

Last modified: Nov 27, 2011