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Lake Serene

June 22, 2008. I started this hike last summer with Sergiu and Royce, but we only visited Bridal Veil Falls due to less than water-proof clothing (and plenty of rain). I returned with Damon to complete it in the early evening after returning from Colorado. We arrived just in time for the overcast sky to clear and for Mt. Index to reveal itself. This trail is so popular that people were arriving at the lake even after us at 7 PM. I brought along a new backpacking pot I got for testing and to have something warm for dinner. I probably should have brought something that cooked faster than rice though. (7 miles round trip, 2000 ft. gain)

The Trail

[Bridal Veil Creek Cascades]
[Bridal Veil Creek Cascades (1)][Bridal Veil Creek Cascades (2)][Bridal Veil Creek Cascades (3)][Bridal Veil Creek Cascades (4)]
Bridal Veil Creek Cascades: I had already been to the main falls last year, but there are also two mini-falls that are right next to the trail.
[Various Views]
[Various Views (1)][Various Views (2)][Various Views (3)][Various Views (4)][Various Views (5)]
Various Views: Most of the trail is up well-graded switch backs (and steps) though forest, but it opens up near the top. (1) A wider view. (2) Slug wondering why it stopped raining. (3) Mossy trees. (4) Wet leaves. (5) More moss.
[One more Cascade]
One more Cascade: Another mini water fall by the trail near the lake. The water on my lens sort of makes the picture feel wet; not intentional, but I did get wet. :)

The Lake

[Viewpoints (1)][Viewpoints (2)]
Viewpoints: The lake from the bridge over Bridal Veil Creek. (1) The Lake and Index from the north east shore. (2) The Lake from the north west shore.
[Index (1)]
Index: Impressive north east face. (1) Another shot. That spire jutting out just begs to be climbed.
[Portraits (1)][Portraits (2)][Portraits (3)][Portraits (4)]
Portraits: What are the odds of two blue-haired hikers meeting at a back country lake? Perhaps not negligible near Seattle. (1) Blue-haired creatures and the lake. (2) Me. (3) Dinner cooking. (4) Dinner eating.

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