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Kendall Catwalk (Attempt)

June 18, 2006. A warmup hike with Bryan and Srikanth for what was to come: snow, stream crossings, route finding, glissading, and more snow. We got within a half mile of the Catwalk, but decided it was a wee bit too dangerous to attempt without crampons and ice axes. Still, some good photos. Bryan took some of these. (~10 miles round trip, ~2500 ft. gain)

Pacific Crest Trail

[A Wet, Rough Trail]
[A Wet, Rough Trail (1)][A Wet, Rough Trail (2)][A Wet, Rough Trail (3)][A Wet, Rough Trail (4)][A Wet, Rough Trail (5)][A Wet, Rough Trail (6)]
A Wet, Rough Trail: One of two large waterfalls on the trail. (1) Bryan and Srikanth inspecting a tough stream crossing below the waterfall. (2) Bryan with some tricky moves. (3) Ah, waterproof boots are nice. (4) Maneuvering around some blow out. (5) Bryan's Ansel Adams interpretation. (6) Another waterfall.
[A Few Peaks]
[A Few Peaks (1)][A Few Peaks (2)]
A Few Peaks: Red Mountain. (1) Guye Peak. (2) More Red Mountain.
[A Dicey Approach]
[A Dicey Approach (1)][A Dicey Approach (2)][A Dicey Approach (3)]
A Dicey Approach: View to the west below Kendall Peak. (1) There's I-90. A good looking drive in its own right. (2) Bryan hanging out. (3) Deciding to turn around, with Snoqualmie Mountain in the background maybe?

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