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Ingalls Lake

August 13, 2006. Back once more to the Teanaway area; I like it --- maybe since the large ganite slabs and deep blue lakes remind me of the Ansel Adams wilderness in the Sierras. Srikanth finally decided to tag along on this not-so-difficult hike. I only wish the lake wasn't so freezing. (9 miles round trip, 2600 ft. gain)

Ingalls Pass Trail

[Lunch with Goats]
[Lunch with Goats (1)][Lunch with Goats (2)][Lunch with Goats (3)][Lunch with Goats (4)][Lunch with Goats (5)]
Lunch with Goats: While eating my pasta on a boulder at Ingalls Pass, this guy popped up 3 feet in front of me. Two more of its buddies came soon after. Now with Mount Stuart in the background. (1) With Fortune Peak. (2) Moving past Ingalls Peaks. (3) Staring at Stuart. (4) Sneaking up on Srikanth. (5) All 3 of them snacking on brush.
[Some Peaks]
[Some Peaks (1)][Some Peaks (2)][Some Peaks (3)]
Some Peaks: Ingalls East Peak, from some slabs above Ingalls Lake. (1) Rainier, of course. (2) Fortune, from the same spot as two weeks ago, but earlier in the day. (3) Stuart, zoomed in.
[Headlight Basin]
[Headlight Basin (1)][Headlight Basin (2)][Headlight Basin (3)]
Headlight Basin: View of Ingalls Peaks and Stuart above the basin while returning to Ingalls Pass. (1) A random bouquet in a basin creek. (2) Srikanth looking on in a panorama of a meadow. (3) Srikanth filtering some water by a creek and Stuart.

Ingalls Lake

[Stuart and Flowers]
[Stuart and Flowers (1)][Stuart and Flowers (2)][Stuart and Flowers (3)][Stuart and Flowers (4)]
Stuart and Flowers: The lake sits on a raised plateau of red rock. Stuart completes the view. (1) Flowers in a gully above the lake. (2) Flowers by the shore. (3) Another shot by the shore. (4) More flowers by the shore.
[Portraits (1)][Portraits (2)][Portraits (3)][Portraits (4)][Portraits (5)]
Portraits: Don't know who this guy is, but if you strike a pose like that you are just begging to have your picture taken. :) (1) Srikanth being funny. (2) Cooling off my feet in the reflection of Stuart. (3) Taking a dip in the slightly frigid waters. (4) Self-portrait. (5) Srikanth dozing off on some slabs with Stuart's reflection.
[Stuart and the Lake]
[Stuart and the Lake (1)][Stuart and the Lake (2)][Stuart and the Lake (3)]
Stuart and the Lake: Panorama from some slabs below Ingalls Peak. (1) Stuart Reflection I. (2) Another panorama from a lower elevation with a slightly deeper blue. (3) Stuart Reflection II.

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