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Skykomish River (North Fork)

August 5, 2007. Trying to relax after a paper deadline. I really was just messing around with a new graduated density filter (hence the darkly menacing river photos) but Sergiu actually caught some fish this time. :)

South Fork

[Party (1)]
Party: Beer + undergrads = scare away fish. (1) And then this Ranger said we weren't even supposed to fish at this crappy spot. :P

North Fork

[Success (1)][Success (2)]
Success: So we tried the North Fork instead at the end of Index Road. (1) This is fairly late in the day, but the sky still looks strange (in a cool way :) with the density filter. (2) Fishy!
[Others (1)]
Others: Popular place. (1) Random rocks in the stream.

Last modified: Nov 27, 2011