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West Fork Foss Lakes

July 2, 2006. A somewhat taxing 14-mile, 3000+ ft hike that I brought ("dragged") Srikanth along on. :) Very pretty though, and a refreshing set of lakes that were warm enough to take a dip in. (14 miles round trip, 3200 ft. gain)

Trout to Big Heart Lakes

[Trout Lake]
[Trout Lake (1)][Trout Lake (2)][Trout Lake (3)][Trout Lake (4)]
Trout Lake: We got a really late start at the trail head (11:30 AM), so sun was already glaring at Trout Lake. (1) Switch backs on the way to Copper. Numerous flowers. (2) Bald Eagle Peak. (3) Waterfall from the confluence of Copper and Malachite Lakes. (4) Zoomed in.
[Copper Lake]
Copper Lake: Some really bad afternoon lighting. But the water was fine.
[Little Heart Lake]
Little Heart Lake: Smaller than expected.
[Big Heart Lake]
Big Heart Lake: Looks great even in the bad lighting. Too bad we only had time to stay here for a couple minutes (at our leisurely pace, it was 5 PM by this time).

Hike Out

[Cascades (1)][Cascades (2)][Cascades (3)][Cascades (4)]
Cascades: One great thing about hiking out late is the soft evening light that lets you take cascading waterfall pictures like this. (1) By the crossing of Copper's outflow. (2) Ditto. (3) Ditto. (4) And that waterfall with some flowers.
[Misc (1)][Misc (2)]
Misc: Evening by Trout Lake. (1) Glacier Peak on the way to Big Heart. (2) Wildflowers by Big Heart.

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