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Eightmile Lake

June 24, 2007. Second day of a camping trip at Icicle Creek with Sergiu, Roycie, and Rabin. We aborted a hike to Caroline Lakes since it looked like it was socked in. Luckily, there was a break in the sky right when we got to Eightmile Lake, long enough to attempt some fishing. However, we did get a bit wet on the way back. (7 miles round trip, 1100 ft. gain)

Eightmile Lake Trail

[Flowers (1)][Flowers (2)][Flowers (3)]
Flowers: Flower pictures turned out pretty well on this overcast day. Though there was only a moderate amount on the trail. Here's a beatle on some lupine. (1) Tiger lilies. (2) More lupine. (3) Some pink flower. And another beatle.
[Lake Shot I]
[Lake Shot I (1)][Lake Shot I (2)][Lake Shot I (3)]
Lake Shot I: A good time to get some blue sky. (1) Rabin, blue sky departed already. (2) Sergiu fishing. (3) Me.
[Lake Shot II]
Lake Shot II: Just another panorama shot.

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