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Camp Muir, Mount Rainier

July 8, 2006. A hike to the climber's base camp (10,188 ft.) on Rainier with my dad, who was in town for the weekend. For a 4600 ft hike, it was surprisingly moderate (with just a daypack anyway). But extremely crowded -- the "Half-Dome" of Mount Rainier National Park. Great views of Mount Adams and St. Helens. (9 miles round trip, 4600 ft. gain)


[Parking Lot]
Parking Lot: Doesn't seem fair to get this kind of view without any work at all. :P
[Snow and Flowers on the Skyline]
[Snow and Flowers on the Skyline (1)][Snow and Flowers on the Skyline (2)][Snow and Flowers on the Skyline (3)][Snow and Flowers on the Skyline (4)]
Snow and Flowers on the Skyline: One popular trail. Otherwise it would be Paradise. (1) Flowers and Rainier. (2) Flowers and Rainier. (3) Flowers and Rainier. (4) Chipmunk and Tatoosh Range.
[Panorama Point]
[Panorama Point (1)][Panorama Point (2)]
Panorama Point: Mount Adams, Hood, and St. Helens above the Tatoosh Range. (1) Adams. (2) St. Helens.

To Muir

[The Snow Field]
[The Snow Field (1)]
The Snow Field: Climbers everywhere. (1) Looking back at the Tatoosh Range and the volcanos to the south.
[Crumbling Glaciers]
[Crumbling Glaciers (1)][Crumbling Glaciers (2)][Crumbling Glaciers (3)][Crumbling Glaciers (4)]
Crumbling Glaciers: Nisqually Glacier crumbling above the Cowlitz Cleaver near Camp Muir (right). (1) Me, neat 10,000 ft. (2) Adams. (3) Hood. (4) St. Helens.
[Camp Muir]
[Camp Muir (1)][Camp Muir (2)][Camp Muir (3)]
Camp Muir: Looks like there'll be a party at the summit tomorrow. (1) Start of the route past Muir, over the Cowlitz Glacier and Cathedral Rocks. (2) My dad walking around the Cowlitz Glacier. Some crevasses opening up. (3) Ick. I'd rather sleep in a tent in the cold.

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