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Jeffrey Pang

email: jeffpang@research.att.com
pgp key: D4751880


Mar'14Co-chairing All Things Cellular '14 at SIGCOMM '14. Please submit your work!
Feb'14Served on MobiSys '14 Technical Program Committee.
Feb'14Presented Prometheus at HotMobile '14.
Feb'14Mobile Video Engagement paper with M. Zubair Shafiq (Michigan State) accepted to SIGMETRICS '14!

I am currently a researcher at AT&T Research where I work on cellular networks and mobile systems. I have also worked on wireless security, location privacy, peer-to-peer systems, and online multiplayer games. My broader interests are networking, security, mobile systems, and distributed systems. I approach these areas as a systems researcher, meaning that I like building and measuring real systems.

I completed my Ph.D. in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University in 2009, where I worked with Srini Seshan. I received my B.A. in Computer Science from the U.C. Berkeley in 2003. I also spent a few summers at Intel Labs, Microsoft Research, and Sun Microsystems.

When I'm not writing code and papers, I like to hike, climb, ski, bike, and travel -- activities that I use to hone my amateur landscape/adventure photography skills. You can find me elsewhere on the web at AT&T Labs, Google+, Facebook, and Flickr.

Last modified: Mar 27, 2014